Arnold Jacobson

Arnold Jacobson is a former Viroqua resident who now resides in Tomah with his wife Esther. Jacobson decided it was time for knee surgery when he noticed pain in his right knee. He described his situation this way, "The pain in my right knee affected my ability to walk, golf, deer hunt and other things that I love to do. I didn't like the idea of limping around and taking pain medication for the rest of my life." Jacobson met with Dr. Jeff Lawrence and surgery was scheduled for May 18, 2010. Jacobson felt well prepared for his surgery noting that the pre-surgery meetings were very helpful. "I feel like everything was done to give my wife and I all of the information we needed to make the experience positive. Esther became my caregiver and did an excellent job. She had the information and the tools thanks to all of the pre-surgery information."

After surgery and recovery, Jacobson is feeling "very good". The surgery improved his lifestyle dramatically. "It's nice to be able to walk without limping, and I no longer have the clicking in my knee." Jacobson also mentioned that had he known how smooth the surgery process and healing would have been that he wouldn't have delayed the surgery. "I should have had the surgery two years ago. Everyone I encountered along the way at Vernon Memorial Healthcare and the Viroqua Center for Orthopaedic Surgery were excellent."

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