Birthing Center

Birthdays are special at Vernon Memorial Healthcare. One of the most important decisions you'll make is where to have your baby. Give yourself and your baby the assurance of "family-centered care" at Vernon Memorial Healthcare.

The Birthing Center at VMH offers a warm, comfortable, homelike setting for labor, delivery and recovery; with the latest technology tucked away and available at a moment's notice. Our private birthing suites are family friendly. Your baby may remain in the room with you as you rest and enjoy this special time together. Visitation of spouses, siblings, grandparents and friends is encouraged.

Creating a Personalized Birth Experience

VMH offers you many options before, during and after your baby's birth. We encourage you to discuss your preferences with your physician or with the Birthing Center staff. We offer a comprehensive range of services and ensure individualized care for you and your family. We will accommodate you within the margins of safety for you and your baby.

We encourage you to:

  • Attend childbirth education classes to help you understand what occurs physically and emotionally before, during and after labor 
  • Tour the Birthing Center
  • Help determine your own need for medication, including epidural anesthesia
  • Discuss labor relaxation and labor management technicians
  • Discuss your options for delivering your baby, including vaginal birth, Cesarean and underwater delivery in the water birth tub
  • Enjoy massage by a certified childbirth massage therapist
  • Learn about the services available from a Doula
  • Call the Birthing Center anytime to answer questions about you or your baby-even after you go home
  • Consult with our staff to help you plan and to answer questions regarding your baby’s birth
  • Take advantage of our pre-admission process so there are fewer details to attend to when you come to the hospital 

Once Your Baby is Born:

  • Schedule your celebration dinner for two through our Food & Nutrition Services Department
  • Speak with a certified lactation consultant or a certified breastfeeding educator if you are planning to breastfeed
  • Ask for information about our breast pump rental program
  • Know that a newborn hearing screening is performed to diagnose any hearing problems as early as possible
  • Give us your permission to take your newborn’s photograph and post it on our website so that family and friends have access. 
  • Receive a complimentary Parenting the First Year publication to help guide you in the care of your newborn
  • Let our certified child safety seat technician show you how to correctly install and use an infant car seat

Take advantage of our pre-admission process so there are fewer details to attend to when you come to the hospital.