Birthing Options

Vernon Memorial Healthcare offers a traditional birthing experience as well as alternative birthing options. We strive to meet your needs while keeping you and your baby's safety our number one priority.  If you so choose, these alternative options are available to add to your birth plan: 


Certified nurse-midwives provide obstetric care that honors the natural process of birth while using medical interventions only if needed. Midwives monitor your health and the health of your baby.  Gundersen Viroqua Clinic Certified nurse-midwives offer massage, acupuncture and water birth for labor and delivery.  In addition, they can also administer pain medication or epidurals when appropriate.  Advanced care is readily available if complications should arise. 


Pregnant women have been drawn to water to soothe aches and pains for centuries. In recent decades, this ancient tradition has been updated and water birth is being used in hospitals all over the country. Vernon Memorial Hospital is no exception. VMH has offered water birth for over six years. Over 150 babies have been born underwater in the VMH Birthing Center.

Women, who have experienced water birth, love it! They find that it helps with back-labor, facilitates relaxation and allows them to move fluidly in the birthing tub. The water allows for natural movement that cannot occur on a bed. For the baby, water allows time to become accustomed to being born. Waterbirth is one of several birthing options offered by VMH and Gundersen-Viroqua Clinic providers.