The Bland Bekkedal Center for Hospice Care

Vernon Memorial Healthcare Announces Discontinuation or Closure of Select Programs

We are making some difficult, but necessary, changes at VMH. Over many years, VMH expanded well beyond the traditional rural hospital and ambulatory clinic model into programs such as in-patient hospice, home health, and assisted living. To no fault of our amazing caregivers and staff, these programs have run at a financial loss of several hundred thousand dollars each year for many years. Because of the financial and operating challenges associated with those programs, we have come to the following difficult decisions:

  • The Bland Bekkedal Center for Hospice Care, which is currently not serving any patients, will permanently close.
  • VMH Home Health and Hospice Services, which is currently serving one patient, will transition that patient to a new provider as soon as practical, and then cease operations. 
  • Fairhaven Assisted Living in Viroqua and Old Times Assisted Living in Westby will no longer accept new residents and will work with the State of Wisconsin to create and implement a resident relocation plan. Bothne House Assisted Living in Coon Valley, which has been closed due to flooding since 2018, will remain permanently closed.
  • Vernon Memorial Pharmacy in Westby, which has been closed since March due to COVID-19, will remain permanently closed.

To learn more, please read the full press release.


No doubt decisions like these are hard to make. VMH remains on solid footing, and will continue to work with our caregivers, staff, and the community to best position VMH for the long term.


We are honored to have served you and your loved ones in your homes, our assisted living facilities, the Bland Bekkedal Center, and Westby Pharmacy throughout the years.