Car Seat Check

Vernon Memorial Healthcare offers education and assistance with securing your most precious cargo. Working with parents and our community partners, the Viroqua Area Buckle Up Task Force, our goal is to ensure every infant and child is transported safely. Our child passenger safety technicians will assist you with choosing the proper car seat, assist you with installation, and advise you of any recalls.

Here is a checklist that parents can review to educate themselves on safely securing their child in their vehicle.

  • Read all instructions to your child’s car seat and vehicle owner’s manual. Pay special attention to any warning labels.
  • Seat belts in vehicles are made for adults, not children. Some seat belts need a different buckle or special locking clip to be used to safely secure the car seat.
  • Children should never be placed in front of an airbag. Airbags can cause serious injury or even death. The safest place in the vehicle for the child is in the back seat. Children should ride rear facing in a child restraint until they are at least one year old AND weigh 20 pounds.
  • Know the history of your car seat. Never purchase a used car seat. Are you certain that this car seat was not in a crash, meets safety standards, has not been recalled for safety reasons and is not over 7 years old?
  • Drivers can be stopped, cited and fined for each child under eight years old who is not properly buckled in the required child safety seat or seat belt.

Reduced cost car seats with a 5-point harness system are available.

If you would like to coordinate an individual car seat check please call (608) 637-4298.