Vernon Memorial Healthcare is committed to sharing information about the quality and safety of the health care services that we deliver in our communities. We are proud to be one of 129 Wisconsin hospitals to voluntarily report clinical, safety and mortality data into the Wisconsin Hospital Association's CheckPoint Web site.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association developed CheckPoint, a public reporting program that provides reliable data on:

  • Interventions that medical experts agree should be taken to treat heart attacks, heart failure and pneumonia
  • Surgical services measures that research indicates will lead to the best outcome for common procedures
  • Error prevention measures
  • Mortality and readmission rates
  • Hospital outpatient measures
  • Imaging-related services
  • Patient's experience of their hospital care (HCAHPS)

CheckPoint provides reliable information for decision making by consumers, purchasers and health care providers. To see Vernon Memorial's results, you can visit CheckPoint directly at WICheckPoint.