Childbirth Education

Individual sessions present prospective parents with practical lessons on the labor and delivery process as well as breathing and relaxation techniques which can ease discomfort during birth. Included are discussions on nutrition and diet, the use of medication and anesthesia during labor, caesarean birth, post partum emotional and physiological changes, maternal and newborn care after delivery, parenting, and a tour of the VMH Birthing Center. Breastfeeding and the rewarding experience for mother and baby will also be discussed. The cost per session is $35. Complete your education on your schedule.

To schedule your individualized session call: (608) 637-4307 or email:


Prenatal Water Aerobics

Water exercise during your pregnancy can leave you relaxed as well as relieve aches and pains. Meet with a qualified instructor and other pregnant women. Classes are ongoing in our warm water therapy pool. Call (608) 637-4298 for more information.

New Baby Class

VMH's New Baby Class provides early socialization opportunities for infants less than 12 months of age.  Activities to facilitate early language and social development will be introduced at each class.  The class also provides an opportunity for parents to share stories and discuss topics including: sleeping, breastfeeding, SIDS prevention, developmental milestones and immunizations.  The cost for a 6 week session is $30.  Call (608) 637-4298 for more information.