Corporate Wellness Program

Vernon Memorial Healthcare offers a corporate wellness program to all employees. The Corporate Wellness Program combines wellness strategies with creative programming in an effort to improve the health and wellness of our associates and their families.  

Vernon Memorial Healthcare defines wellness as a healthy balance of the mind and body that creates an overall feeling of well-being as the result of a deliberate effort. The Corporate Wellness Program was designed to promote wellness and prevent physical illness by focusing on physical, social, emotional, spiritual, occupational and intellectual health.

 Contact VMH Health Education at (608) 637-4298 with any questions.  Or email

Registration begins by completing your biometric screening.

The new Health Education Location is in the old Physical Therapy Reception area. It is south of the Bistro through the door to the left.

Fasting is a requirement for this screening. All participants must complete an 8-12 hour fast prior to their scheduled screening time. Only water and black coffee are allowed during this fast, as well as any medications that are prescribed.

Call your provider, ask them put an order in for a fasting lipid panel. You will have additional costs associated with this method.

Yes the VMH Motivation activity tracker will still be accessible and available to use.

Every month you will be weighed using the VMH Wellness Center’s biometric scale. In order to claim the reward, you must show that your weight stayed the same, went down or up according to the person’s health need over a period of 12 months.

You can track and record any activity that de-stresses you.

Any book qualifies. We just want you to read for 30 minutes!

No, any wellness activity or VMH parade we track for you.

Yes, you will receive $20 for each exam up to a maximum of $40 per calendar year.

Everyone will get paid out on their second paycheck in November 2017. If you don't have insurance through us the money back will be taxed. If you do have insurance through Cypress you will get the money back untaxed.