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CrossFit Viroqua - FAQs

What is the investment?

$149 CrossFit Foundations
$115 p/month CrossFit

How do I get started in CrossFit?

The Foundation Class is designed to build a strong base for individuals entering CrossFit.

What is the Foundation Class?

The class is one hour in length. Content will be covering form and technique, warm-up, mobility drills, stretching, nutrition, and a workout. 12 sessions will get you started to join the CrossFit classes.

Can I participate in Group Exercise Classes with my CrossFit Membership?

The Group Exercise Classes held at the VMH Wellness Center (yoga, spin, etc...) are not covered in the CrossFit investment.

I am a Platinum Member and want to participate in CrossFit Classes?

You can continue your Platinum membership along with the CrossFit membership by including $45 a month to your $115 investment.

Do I need to register for classes?

It is best to pre-register for the class to ensure a class time. Future goals are to have additional space designated for CrossFit.


What if I would like to drop in a CrossFit class?

The drop-in fee for CrossFit is $20.


When is the Foundation Class held?

The Foundation Classes run on a monthly cycle of 12 session. (Three session per week over four weeks.)Contact Josh Brown Email Telephone or visit the CrossFit Viroqua Facebook Page