Hip Replacement

Ruth Nissedal is all too familiar with the Center for Orthopaedic Surgery in Viroqua. She has had successful hip and knee surgeries with Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence; one in 2006 and the other in 2009. Nissedal is a retired teacher who resides in Westby, WI just up the road from Viroqua. Vivacious and animated, Nissedal is an interesting person to chat with and one of Dr. Jeff Lawrence's biggest fans. The screws that were once in her knee post-surgery are now amazing artisan-looking dangly earrings.

Her hip surgery was in 2006 and was necessary based on hip, joint and bone deterioration and osteoporosis, both of which were severe and painful. After an appointment with Dr. Lawrence, Nissedal prepared for surgery.  She raved about the pre-surgery class and meetings offered by the Viroqua Center for Orthopaedic Surgery.  "I received all of the information I needed.  Mary Eitland's class was A+ all the way.  No question was trite or silly to her.  I took notes and referenced my materials daily." 

After hip surgery, recovery was a bit of a struggle for Nissedal.  "Hip surgery is a major surgery and it took me weeks to feel better.  I thought I would rebound instantly, but unfortunately, there is a process.  All staff were very helpful during this time with information about wraps, meds and excercises.  It was a process."  Therapy was a positive experience for Nissedal.  She worked with Scott Vatland and Kathryn Anderson who both really provided the care that she was looking for.  Nissedal was diligent about completing her exercises and was determined to recover as quickly as possible.  She was impressed with physical therapy, especially with her therapists.  "Scott and Kathryn and I had personalities that instantly clicked.  They never let me slack.  Both were top-notch in terms of their knowledge and professionalism.  I had a million questions and they answered each and every one." 

After surgery and therapy, Nissedal says she feels "fantastic" and that she is really glad that the procedure was performed.  Her lifestyle has improved and she isn't in any pain.  Her surgery and recovery process also sparked an interest in anatomy and medical study.  "As a result of my surgery I dug up some anesthesiology books, even obtained books from the UW Medical School Library.  I've researched the history of hip replacement and I love it all." Nissedal raved further about the Viroqua Center for Orthopaedic Surgery, not wanting to leave out any of the people she has encountered. "Everyone treated me as though I was the only reason they came to work. Dr. Lawrence has had and continues to have a bazillion patients, yet I always feel like a priority to him and still do.  That is special."