Home Care Team

Home Health Care Nurses provide health care at your home. They can administer IV therapy, maintain and replace catheters, deliver special medical treatments ordered by your medical provider, teach diabetic management and monitoring, wound and ostomy care, pain management, how to manage medication and how to use oxygen safely. Our nurses are available 24 hours a day. They work closely with your medical provider to develop the best treatment for you. Vernon Memorial Home Health Care Agency’s goal is to help keep you or your loved one out of the hospital by making you independent and knowledgeable about your care.

Home Health Care Aides
supplement your nurse’s care by helping you with personal care tasks. They can assist you with bathing, dressing, changing linens and shampooing your hair and may assist you with simple exercises and walking if needed.

Home Health Care Speech Therapists can help you learn to communicate effectively. If you have a language disorder or disability, your therapist will work with you to develop new communication skills so you can relate to the outside world with confidence. Speech therapists can also assist you with swallowing difficulties.

Home Health Care Social Workers
will make arrangements for services you might need from community resources and will assist with long-range planning. Through counseling, our social workers can also help you and your family deal with any illness-related problems.

Home Health Care Physical Therapists can provide therapy for your general rehabilitation, depending on your needs, or show you and your family how to transfer you from bed to chair and other techniques for living with a disability. Moreover, they can show you how to adapt your home to allow more independent functioning, increased endurance and strength after your medical procedure or hospitalization and design a physical therapy program you can use at home to speed your recovery.

Home Health Care Occupational Therapists will show you how to adapt your routine and your surroundings for more independent living. They will assist you in improving your upper extremity skills with new ways of using familiar tools and appliances that will make you more independent and speed your rehabilitation in order to help you return to your normal activities of daily living. The occupational therapist can also assist with treatment of edema of the extremities with special wraps, massage and exercises under the direction of your medical provider.