Harvey Kirking

After years of hard work on his family farm just outside of Viroqua, Harvey Kirking developed a knee condition.  "The knee joints were in bone on bone condition when I went to visit Dr. Jeff Lawrence," said Kirking.
Kirking had surgery performed on both knees at Vernon Memorial Healthcare, one in January of 2005 and the other in January of 2010.  Both surgeries were performed by Dr. Lawrence. Kirking praised the Vernon Memorial Healthcare staff indicating that they were readily available throughout the process and always kind and thoughtful.  "The recovery process went as expected and all was okay. Medical staff responded to the situation at hand and did a good job educating patients." Kirking was particularly impressed with the pre-surgery informational meeting with staff and Dr. Lawrence, noting that communication was always great from the entire staff before and after surgery. 

Previous experiences at Vernon Memorial in physical therapy were always great.  I knew that to achieve the needed results from my knee that they had my best interests in mind."  When asked what impressed him the most about his treatment during physical therapy, Kirking replied, "The therapist's concern for my well-being, personal health and overall improvement was always very clear and appreciated."  Post-surgery and therapy, Kirking is doing great and feeling great.  "I'm doing great for my age," Kirking said, "one must realize that even with new joints in place it can take some time for a full recovery.  Improvement was noticeable after my most recent surgery in less than three months."

Knee surgery has helped Kirking with daily activity on his farm.  He is now using stairs with ease, a task many people take for granted.  Most importantly he is enjoying being able to go out and dance again.  "The added mobility is remarkable.  I love country and old-time music and dancing.  Now I can go dancing without pain pills and a knee brace."