Have you ever wondered what happens to the blood sample that you give when your medical provider orders lab tests? How do doctors diagnose disease and determine if treatment is effective? How do practitioners choose the right medication for treating infection? 

The medical laboratory is a main artery of Vernon Memorial Healthcare—working much like the circulatory system, carrying blood throughout the hospital and clinics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lab reaches every area of the hospital—every nursing unit, patient room, department, and clinic with quiet efficiency. Many diagnoses, from strep throat to leukemia are largely based on lab results.

A team of highly skilled technologists, technicians, and phlebotomists make up the laboratory staff. They ensure that every test is performed exactly right, every time. All the labs’ work is based on making sure specimens are identified properly and results are reported accurately. Quality is critical. The team works together to determine the presence, extent, or absence of disease and provide the valuable data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

The VMH lab performs more than 207,500 lab tests each year on more than 22,400 patients. Over 180 procedures can be performed in the VMH lab.