Meet VMH Volunteers

Annabel Mc Garry has been a volunteer at Vernon Memorial Healthcare in Viroqua since 1994. She decided to become a volunteer after taking her mother to physical therapy and watching a VMH volunteer assist a patient. “That day I went and found Judy (VMH Volunteer Coordinator) in her office and she signed me up right away. I completed my medical tests and training and became an official volunteer.” Filing work in the administration department was Mc Garry’s first volunteer assignment. Since that time she can be found at the Medical Office Building information desk. Mc Garry has volunteered in multiple VMH locations including Hirsch Clinic-VMH, Bland Clinic-VMH and the hospital pharmacy.The love of people and enjoying being busy has driven Mc Garry’s dedication to volunteer work at Vernon Memorial Healthcare. “I like helping people and I always feel good that I can be of use to someone.” Encouraging others to volunteer, Mc Garry noted that volunteer work was always very satisfying to her and that others should volunteer and experience that satisfaction. "If you are considering volunteering, don't hesitate. Being a volunteer gives you a whole new outlook on life and you will be surprised by how much you enjoy it."