Mission & Philosophy


We are committed to being the best community healthcare system in the region.


To bring value to our community, we commit to excellence in everything we do:

  • Providing the ultimate experience to our patients/customers, their
    families, our staff and providers.
  • Responding to the advances in healthcare and the changing needs of
    our community.
  • Exhibiting leadership and stewardship toward our community's
    healthcare system.


G Great experiences.

R Respecting Everyone.

E Excellence in Everything We Do.

A Always a Helpful Attitude.

T Taking Care of One Another.



First and foremost, we commit to kindness. We will use words, body language and tone of voice that demonstrates kindness and compassion. We acknowledge that difficult conversations may be needed; however, we will respect our fellow team members and extend professionalism and kindness even into challenging interactions.


We will support a free exchange of ideas. We will listen intently to patients, customers, visitors and team members. We will determine and use appropriate means of communication based on content.


We recognize the importance of professional growth and will help create an environment that allows for all team members of VMH to grow and learn. This includes giving and receiving feedback with flexibility and openness.


We will see the value and importance of all team members and the roles they serve at VMH. Each member adds a unique and needed skill/ability to our team. We will acknowledge accomplishments of team members.


We will actively work towards creating a culture of collaboration and shared duty at VMH. We will help out in any way we can to better care for our team members and patients.