Occupational Therapy

VMH Occupational Therapy Staff

We take for granted our ability to button a shirt, use a telephone or computer, or drive a car. But many people—injured adults, children born with disabilities, seniors dealing with aging and arthritis—cannot assume those skills. The staff who make up the VMH Occupational Therapy Department help such people regain motion and function to enable them to live as fully and independently as possible.

Our therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants are highly trained in a variety of areas and provide one-on-one attention to help our patients improve strength, endurance, coordination, and functional abilities as they recover. Our occupational therapists not only work with hospitalized patients, they provide therapy services to several local schools. The same professional who works with you on carpal tunnel syndrome may also help your father recover from a stroke or your nine-year-old work on handwriting activities in school. 

Occupational therapists are part of the orthopaedic team at VMH and are active in the post-surgical management of lower extremity edema (swelling) which may occur following a total knee or total hip replacement.  Occupational therapists prepare orthopaedic patients to return to their daily routines once they arrive home.  This may mean recommending medical equipment such as grab bars, shower benches or elevated toiliet seats.



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