When you see your local health care provider you have the convenience of having your prescriptions filled at any of our three Vernon Memorial Healthcare retail pharmacy locations.                                                

The VMH Pharmacy – Viroqua, VMH Pharmacy – La Farge, and Solartown Pharmacy – VMH in Soldiers Grove offer free prescription delivery and free mail service. You may drop off your prescription slips at the pharmacy or have them faxed by your physician. 

Transfer Prescriptions
At your request, any of our VMH retail pharmacies will call your current pharmacy to transfer any medications. When you call for a prescription to be transferred, please provide the pharmacy name and phone number and the name of the drug and/or prescription number. Please allow 24 hours to fill a transferred prescription. 

Please note that prescriptions for maintenance drugs must be written for the full 90 days by the physician and cannot be transferred. 

Comprehensive Product Line
We provide the medications necessary to support the pharmaceutical needs of the communities we serve. We are able to special order most specialty products. 

Expert Consultations
Our pharmacist staff has the professional experience to ensure you get themost benefit from your medication. We can go over your medication with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Insurance Billing
The Vernon Memorial Healthcare Pharmacies are providers for many third party prescription drug programs. If you have questions about your insurance prescription coverage please contact your local VMH pharmacy and our staff will assist you.

Specialty Products
Solartown Pharmacy-VMH specializes in botanicals and homeopathic remedies 

Medical Supplies
The pharmacies stock or can order most commonly requested over-the-counter medicines.