Pre-Surgery Class

The Orthopaedics team provides pre-operative classes to patients scheduled for knee and hip surgeries at Vernon Memorial Healthcare.The free classes are available to patients and family members or friends who will be caring for patients post-surgery. Classes cover a variety of subjects related to pre-surgery and post surgery including exercises, nutritional recommendations, saftey, pain management, incision care, restrictions, post operative resources, equipment needs, swelling managment and what patients can expect during their hospital stay. Geri Hall, RN, Mary Eitland, RN and Occupational and Physical Therapy staff members are present for one-on-one meetings with patients as they prepare for surgery.

The Viroqua Center for Orthopaedic Surgery receives excellent feedback about the class. Many patients are unsure of surgery or hospitals and express to the team that they feel overwhelmed and are grateful to have a chance to express themselves. Patients who have undergone total joint replacements in other facilities in the past state that they would have liked to have been able to attend a class with their previous surgeries so that they would have been better prepared.