Prevention Programs

Cardiac Risk Reduction is a low cost, effective program designed for those who are "at risk" of developing heart disease or for those with "known" heart disease who need more guidance in monitoring their symptoms or lack the motivation to get started on their own.  This 8 week program consists of 24 one hour long exercise classes which meet 3 days a week.  The program monitors a variety of parameters which may include but are not limited to:  blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, daily exercise, food log, weight, body composition, exercise capacity, stress levels and smoking cessation (if needed).   Ask your provider for a referral.

Diabetes Vernon Memorial Healthcare (VMH) and the Clinical Exercise
Physiologists in the Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics and Rehabilitation (CPDR)
department recognize that Diabetes is an epidemic.   It is projected that 1 in 3 American adults
will have diabetes by 2050.   Currently,
many health professionals at VMH are collaborating to combat this disease
through nutritional, education, and exercise support. These health professionals include Clinical
Dietitians, Pharmacist’s, Registered Nurses, Clinical Exercise Physiologists,
Social Workers, Healthcare Providers, and Administration.

The CPDR department also has a specific diabetes management
exercise program within it’s Fresh Start available for those wanting to help
control blood glucose or even those with Pre-diabetes.  For more information regarding the diabetes
specific Fresh Start exercise program, contact the Certified Clinical Exercise
Physiologists in the HEART Center at 608-637-4497.