Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement

A procedure designed specifically for you

Robotic-assisted total knee replacement at Vernon Memorial Healthcare utilizes OmniBotics® from OMNILife science, Inc. With OmniBotics®, your surgeon uses patented OMNIBotics Bone Morphing™ technology, that quickly produces a 3D model of your knee at the start of your surgery. Your surgeon uses that model to plan bone resections and implant position, with accuracy that has been shown to be significantly better than other knee replacement procedures available. When the implant is in place, the computer confirms its precise placement and overall alignment.

The OMNIBotics® advantage

OMNIBotics can be used with less invasive procedures, which may promote a quicker recovery, enabling you to get back on your feet faster. Thanks to OMNIBotics Bone Morphing™ technology, there is no need for costly, time-consuming MRI or CAT scans, reducing the potential risk of additional radiation exposure.

Achieving precise placement and alignment of the implant offers a number of key benefits, beginning with the way it feels. OMNIBotics total knee replacement is designed to replicate the anatomy of a healthy knee to provide movement that feels more natural. Improved alignment may also extend the life of the implant and improve its functionality.

Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement with OMNIBotics®


Restoring your mobility

The goal of total knee replacement is to restore function and provide pain relief by replacing damaged cartilage and bone with an implant system. Successful knee replacement is dependent on many factors, including leg alignment and the positioning and fit of the implant.

The OmniBotics® Difference

OMNIBotics robotic-assisted total knee replacement is a state-of-the-art procedure that combines specialized tools and patented technology with robotics to help surgeons place and fit implants with greater accuracy1 compared to conventional approaches. Much like we rely on GPS to help us get to our destination, robotic-assisted knee surgery maps out the precise positioning for the implant according to your individual anatomy. The robotic-assisted cutting guide enables the surgeon to prepare the bone to the exact specifications to help ensure accurate placement and optimal results.

Am I a good candidate for OmniBotics® total knee replacement?

Almost all patients who have been identified as candidates for total knee replacement could benefit from the OmniBotics approach. Please speak to your physician if your symptoms are not responding to non-surgical solutions or if your pain is no longer controlled by medication.