Sports Performance CAMP Sign-up

The Athletic Training Department at Vernon Memorial Healthcare is excited to offer Sports Performance CAMP this summer. All area athletes in middle school, high school, and college will benefit. Studies have shown that nearly 70% of ACL injuries occur without direct contact to the knee such as striking, hitting, or bumping, etc.

The CAMP programs will teach and train athletes the correct jumping, landing, and cutting techniques to minimize non-contact injuries. CAMP participants not only learn how to reduce their risk of injury, but they also learn how to make their movements more efficient & productive!

The program is designed to help athletes increase strength, power, endurance, and agility through the use of agility ladders, medicine balls, Smarthurdles™, sports cords and plyometric boxes.

The seven-week program meets twice a week over the summer. For more information please contact 637-4385.

**Viroqua CAMP will be held at the VMH Wellness Center**

Sports Performance CAMP investment: $125.00 for new participants ($25 off for past participants of CAMP, multiple participants from one household, or parent is VMH employee. Limit one discount per person.)

Viroqua Location

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