Therapies Offered

LSVT BIG & LOUD: Experiencing tremors, slow movements, impaired balance and stiffness can create problems with walking and completing daily tasks. Declining vocal strength, muffled speech, and difficulty swallowing can create problems with communication and eating. LSVT BIG and LOUD empowers individuals to move BIGGER and speak LOUDER. For more information regarding LSVT:

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Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Training: Occupational Therapy helps people regain the basic skills they need to perform daily living activities. Patients learn to dress, feed, or bathe themselves again after a serious illness, injury, or surgery using compensation techniques or special adaptive equipment.

Lymphedema Treatments:  Occupational Therapy helps people remove chronic swelling in their arms or legs through guided exercise, specialized massage, bandaging techniques, home programs, activity modification and education.  Chronic swelling usually occurs in an area of the body where the lymphatic system is compromised and is most often due to surgery, injury, radiation treatments or circulation problems.   

Modality Treatments: Occupational Therapy provides treatments to the arm or hand using heat or cold applications, electrical current, or sound waves.

Home Assessments: Occupational Therapy evaluates a patient’s home environment and provide recommendations to improve safety and independence. This may mean adding grab bars, an elevated toilet seat, or a shower bench to the home.

School-based Therapy: Occupational Therapy provides treatment to students with a variety of special needs. Goals are set to facilitate a student’s optimum level of development and maximize their success in the classroom.  Our school therapists help children work toward achieving handwriting goals, meeting sensory challenges or gaining other classroom skills. 

Splint Fabrication: Occupational Therapists fabricate splints to improve hand position, hand function, or to provide joint stability and protection.   Splints are custom-made from thermoplastic material and are individually created to meet the needs of each patient. 

Aquatic Therapy: Occupational Therapy provides therapeutic exercises in a warm water environment to assist certain populations in obtaining their therapy goals. Click here for information about WATSU.

Hand Therapy: Occupational Therapy provides evaluation and treatment for hand-related injuries that may result in loss of motion, loss of function, pain, or swelling. Occupational Therapy commonly treats hand and forearm conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, wrist fractures, or tendon damage due to trauma.

Therapeutic Exercises: Occupational Therapists create individual exercise programs to restore hand and arm strength, endurance, range of motion and function.   

Wheelchair Evaluations: Occupational Therapists conduct an assessment to determine the type of wheelchair and special features that may be needed by a patient. 

Cognitive and Vision Therapy: Occupational Therapy provides therapeutic activities designed to restore a patient's attention, memory and problem solving skills.