Tissue Donation

Make the decision to “Donate Life” by becoming an organ, eye and tissue donor. Even though many people have provided the gift of life through donation, the need for organ, tissue, eye, blood and bone marrow donors remains high.

Currently in Wisconsin upon your death a document of consent is required. Sign and date the back of your driver’s license. This is a legal document. Tell your family you want to be a donor. New Wisconsin laws will affect the consent process in the near future. Your Power of Attorney (POA) or legal next-of-kin will be asked to participate in an interview involving your past medical and social lifestyle history in order to ensure the safety of the gifts you are giving.

Recovery teams will be dispatched to Vernon Memorial Hospital to perform the surgical procedure for the recovery of your gifts. Your gifts will be shared with recipients in need of life saving or life enhancing surgical procedures.

Organ and Tissue Donation Authorization Form