Virtual Services at VMH

Vernon Memorial Healthcare offers Virtual Services to patients of VMH Clinics.  This expanded service comes at a time when care where you need it is most important.  If you're interested in learning more about your options with VMH Virtual Services, contact your VMH Clinic today! 

Below are some helpful tips for making your virtual appointment go smoothly:

  1. Prepare for the conversation:  Make a list.  Even for an in-person visit, we always recommend that our patients write down a list of 2 or 3 issues they want to address so they won't forget anything important.  Ask yourself, "Why do I need to be seen today?" or "What's my biggest priority?" to get yourself started.
  2. Keep track of when your symptoms started and if they have changed.  A good way to do this is to keep a symptom diary.  Keep a brief record in your phone or on a sheet of paper.  What seems to trigger or aggravate your symptoms?  What may help to alleviate your symptoms?
  3. Take and send a photo of obvious symptoms.  Some medical issues like bites, moles, rashes, and other skin issues are particularly well-suited for virtual services.  It's important to note, if you're contacting your provider about a rash, be sure to draw a circle around the area with a pen to and send a sequence of photos noting the time and date on each.  Contact your clinic if you would like to upload these photos to your MyCare account prior to your appointment.  **If you are concerned about a rash, be sure to make note of any additional symptoms you may be having.  If you feel you are having an allergic reaction to something, contact your clinic immediately.  
  4. Address routine issues before the visit if you can.  For example, medication refills, doctor's notes, or other paperwork may not even require a virtual service.  For medication refills, it's always a good starting point to contact your pharmacy first.  The VMH MyCare portal is also a great way to connect with your clinic for routine issues or questions.  If you aren't signed up, contact your VMH clinic for more information to do so.
Preparing for your visit:
  1. Call or set up your video virtual visit from a quiet place, with good reception if calling from a cell phone and strong WiFi connectivity if connecting with video.  As we're all getting used to this type of service, consider calling the clinic to do a test run with the nurse or front desk stafff before your visit begins.  That way, you can troubleshoot any issues ahead of time.
  2. Avoid phone tag.  Be prepared to answer the phone at the appointed time or sign in to the virtual waiting room at least 5-10 minutes in advance to ensure you don't have any connectivity issues (image below of log in).  *Make sure you've disabled any spam blockers or fuctions that reject calls from private numbers.  Also know that the call may come from an "unknown" number.
  3. Use your equipment.  Have on hand any medical devices that your doctor has prescribed, such as a blood glucose monitor.  If possible, it's also a good idea to have an oral thermometer, bathroom scale, home blood pressure monitor, and possibly even a flexible tape measure. 

If you have chosen the video virtual service, you will be sent a link to log in to your appointment.  You may see this screen to log in:







Sometimes an office visit is best...

You should also know, while virtual services are a fantastic way to connect with your provider, sometimes an office visit is best.  Know that for urgent issues, your provider's office is still open for business.  Virtual services can work really well for certain straightforward concerns, but doesn't always work so well for more complex issues, so we may ask to see you in person.

There are scenarios that we really need to examine a patient and check vitals in person.  We may still ask you to come into the clinic, especially if we think a brief appointment may help to avoid a trip to the emergency department later.  

Virtual services does not work for preventative procedures such as pap smears, colonoscopies, or mammograms, so you will still need to schedule an appointment for those types of procedures.