All requests for VMH Clinic medical records prior to 11/1/2016 should be directed to VMH Health Information Department Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. at 608-637-4332.


Intelligent, convenient and even more personal

MyCare® brings you an array of functionality like never before - allowing you to keep track of your health and encouraging you to take greater ownership of your overall wellbeing.

So much care, now even closer

MyCare® provides you with around-the-clock access to your medical record from your computer or via the app Epic MyChart.

Saving lives and saving money

By providing you with convenient access to your medical record, notifying you of screenings and check-ups and maintaining a dialogue with your provider we can catch problems earlier. Better health management saves lives and money.

View and print your medical record

Access And Print Access parts of your medical record and print them—useful if you’re changing providers or moving to another area.
Review And Update Update your medical record with new immunizations you have received from other providers such as a flu shot from a local pharmacy.

Send messages to your provider

Ask Questions Something bothering you but unsure if it’s worthy of a visit to the clinic? Contact your provider through our secure messaging system and ask.
Provide Feedback A return visit may not always be necessary. Drop a quick message to your provider to let them know how your medication is working or provide an update on your symptoms.

View and arrange appointments

Request Appointments There is no need to wait for the clinic to open. Now you have the ability to request appointments anytime while it’s fresh in your mind.
View Your Schedule Keep track of your appointments. Receive notifications of appointments and manage your entire schedule.

View a summary of each doctor’s visit

Remember Your Visit View a summary of the problems you discussed and what course of action was taken, including referrals and medications.
Track Your Progress Your health data will be available to view after every doctor’s visit. Here you can track your weight and blood pressure to see how your health is improving.

Manage your medications

View Your Medicines Keep track of the medications you have been prescribed, including dosage, duration and any special directions from your provider.
Order Refills Request additional refills online and collect them from your local VMH pharmacy.

Manage your entire family’s care

Take Care Of The Kids Have children? Keep track of their visits, medication and test results.
Take Care Of Loved Ones Family members can also be granted secure access to a patient’s medical record at the request of the patient—useful if you are caring for a relative.

View lab results when they become available

No More Waiting Get notified when your results are available. View and print them if needed.
No More Searching View and track every lab result. Particularly useful for long-term monitoring of conditions.

Doctor’s Notifications

Never Miss A Screening Receive notifications from your provider regarding annual physicals and preventative screenings such as mammograms.

Access to a library of medical knowledge

Latest Medical Knowledge Find the latest medical knowledge, learn about new breakthroughs in medicine and read about the most up-to-date treatments straight from the world of medical science thanks to RelayHealthSM.

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In person

Stop in at your regular clinic and speak to our reception staff or speak to your provider about how MyCare® will benefit you.