Honoring National Doctor's Day 2021

March 30, 2021

On March 30, we celebrate National Doctor's Day and thank all of our clinicians and hospital providers for the work they do every day!

Our VMH doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, anesthetists, and social workers stepped up in numerous ways to lead our processes and programs in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Many took on duties outside their normal roles over the last year, and many risked unknown hazards in order to protect and care for our community members in the Respiratory Clinic and Emergency Department. They should be commended for their willingness to do so to serve this community and its patients' needs. Their flexibility and support of their peers, who have equally done hard work as this has been no small feat of anyone at VMH this past year, should be recognized. We need to honor the hard work and sacrifices that go unseen or not easily known; it was not an easy year, but our team provided care and reacted to the pandemic to save lives.

Today, if you see any of our amazing group that provides care when it matters most, give them thanks. They've certainly deserved kind words and acknowledgement for their work this year. On behalf of our health care providers, VMH has made two $500 donations to local groups that reflect the care they give to our community - Couleecap, Inc. and Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. These two organizations were selected for their values, their assistance to our community members who needed it over the past year, and their perseverance to continue providing services to the people in our local area when times are good or bad. We know they'll use these funds to the best of our community, just as our medical staff team seeks the best for our patients.

VMH doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, anesthetists, and social workers - thank you for everything you do every day!


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