What's Happening at VMH

Register Now for Sports Performance CAMP

The Athletic Training Department at Vernon Memorial Healthcare is excited to offer Sports Performance CAMP this summer. All area athletes in middle school, high school, and college will benefit. Studies have shown that nearly 70% of ACL injuries occur without direct contact to the knee such as striking, hitting, or bumping, etc. 

The CAMP programs will teach and train athletes the correct jumping, landing, and cutting techniques to minimize non-contact injuries. CAMP participants not only learn how to reduce their risk of injury, but they also learn how to make their movements more efficient & productive!

The program is designed to help athletes increase strength, power, endurance, and agility through the use of agility ladders, medicine balls, Smarthurdles™, sports cords and plyometric boxes. 

The seven-week program meets twice a week over the summer. For more information please contact 637-4385.

Sports Performance CAMP investment: $125.00 for new participants ($25 off for past participants of CAMP, multiple participants from one household, or parent is VMH employee. Limit one discount per person.)

Friends of VMH Annual Geranium Sale
May 12, 8-11AM

The Friends of VMH play a vital role in forwarding the mission and vision of Vernon Memorial Healthcare. Over 80 active members are recognized yearly for their volunteer service. The Friends of VMH raise and donate thousands of dollars each year for new equipment and services, which benefit Vernon Memorial Healthcare and the community. The Friends of VMH also fund an annual health care scholarship program. 

In addition to these projects the Friends of VMH provide financial support for continuing education for VMH staff, The Bland Bekkedal Center for Hospice Care, VMH Birthing Center Infant Hearing Screening Program, VMH clinics Reach Out and Read program, digital thermometers for newborns, occupational therapy patient walker bags and backpacks and school supplies for area school children. The organization receives its funding through ongoing support from VMH staff and the community through purchases made in the VMH Gift Shop, Lovelight donations and support of craft shows, bake sales, the chili cook-off, salad luncheons, brat sales, candygrams and the annual geranium sale.

Annual Geranium Sale:  Friday, May 12th, 8-11AM 

Epic & MyCare Transition

Vernon Memorial Healthcare (VMH) continues to expand the reach and accessibility of
the spectrum of health care in our communities by upgrading to Epic electronic
health record. The implementation and transfer process from the current electronic health record is well underway and will be fully implemented on November 1, 2016. Vernon Memorial Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Bakkum said, “We are continuously looking for the best systems to utilize in order to provide exceptional patient care, the upgrade to Epic electronic health record will do just that.”

In order to make the upgrade to Epic, VMH needed to collaborate with a larger health system. Bakkum said, “After weighing our options with other larger health systems, we reached an agreement with Gundersen Health System to collaborate on this upgrade. The Gundersen Health System team has implemented Epic in other facilities, so their knowledge and experience will
assure a smooth transition in our implementation of Epic.”

The collaboration with Gundersen Health System is unique in that Vernon Memorial Healthcare is an independent organization. Bakkum said, “VMH has a long history of working with other organizations to improve the health of the communities we serve. Our mission is to provide
the best care for our patients and customers in our communities. Our collaboration with Gundersen Health System will help us better communicate with other health care facilities as
needed for the health and wellbeing of our patients.”

During the implementation process, patients may see some delays as VMH staff continues to learn the system. Chief Operating Officer, Kristy Wiltrout said, “The enhancements to care with the upgrade to Epic are going to be a tremendous asset to our healthcare organization. Our VMH team has been training and working to understand the system to the best of our abilities prior to our go live date. That said, there will be some things we need to troubleshoot and expand our knowledge after we have made the transition from our old electronic health records to Epic. Our team has put many hours into training and implementation of the new system, their dedication to this transition on top of maintaining great patient care is to be commended. We have a great team of people at VMH, so the upgrade to Epic will only make our organization even better.

For read-only access to your previous medical record through View My Health, please visit the following links: