At VMH, we strive to help patients manage their diabetes so that they can live long and healthy lives and avoid serious long-term health problems. Many of the complications of diabetes can be prevented with good blood glucose control. Our nurse, dietitians and exercise physiologists use a team approach to help you develop a personalized diabetes management plan that matches your individual needs. 

We work with people who have: 

  • Type I diabetes 
  • Type II diabetes 
  • Gestational diabetes 
  • Pre-diabetes 

Education sessions with the nurse and dietitian will focus on the American Association of Diabetes Educators’ 7 Self-Care Behaviors, which include healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem-solving, reducing risks and healthy coping.  

What will you learn at your visits? 

  • Understanding diabetes and the different types of diabetes 
  • Individualized nutrition planning 
  • Lifestyle modifications 
  • Knowing your lab values (Hemoglobin A1c, blood glucose) 
  • The symptoms and complications of diabetes  
  • Treatments for diabetes  
  • Blood glucose monitoring  
  • Latest technologies and recommendations 
  • How to give yourself injections of medications if needed 

The VMH Diabetes Education team will help you gain the knowledge you will need to manage your diabetes and live the best life you can. 

Contact Diabetes Education

Call your provider and get a referral to learn more about Diabetes Education services.

Our Diabetic Support Group Meetings are back! Please join us on the last Tuesday of the month in the Medical Office Building Conference Room C (unless otherwise specified) from 3:00-4:00 PM. The diabetes support group is open to individuals with diabetes (type 1, type 2, gestational), prediabetes, and family members or caretakers of individuals with diabetes. 

January 30th
Exercise class taught by a VMH Exercise Physiologist

February 27th
Cooking class featuring VMH's own mobile kitchen the Bistro Bus

March 26th
Cornhole Question Showdown: Test your diabetes knowledge while playing a game of cornhole

April 30th
Diabetes medications

May 28th
Label reading and carb counting

June 25th 
Diabetes Bingo

July 30th
Cooking class featuring VMH's own mobile kitchen the Bistro Bus

August 27th
Exercise class taught by a VMH Exercise Physiologist

September TBD

October 29th
Family Feud

November 26th
Holiday recipes featuring VMH's own mobile kitchen the Bistro Bus

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